Prachi Bhansali

Life Coach and Facilitator

Profile Contour of Ms. Prachi Bhansali

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number-8306450084

Residential Address: D-502, Indraprasth Towers, Drive in, Ahmedabad-380052

About Ms. Prachi Bhansali- She is an Educator, a theatre & communication trainer  and a Life Skills Coach- practitioner 

Education: Master’s in English Literature

Certification in ‘Neuroscience for Personal Development’ from Udemy (certified practitioner) 

Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from Udemy (certified practitioner) 

Certified for Computational Thinking in Education by Google

Trained to train for theatre from Helen O’ Grady (Mumbai). 

Language Fluency: English, Hindi, Gujarati Experience:

  • She started her career 14 years ago as a part time theatre trainer, visiting various schools in Mumbai, representing Helen O’ Grady, She then joined ‘Brain Works’ pre-primary school (Mumbai), as a centre head.
  • She has worked as a teacher, media & content writer as well as supervisor in Apple Global School, Ahmedabad for 4 years.
  • She’s a successful life coach and certified life skills practitioner, she’s empowered lives of many individuals & groups with mindset & relationships management, she’s known to make one realise their self worth. She’s trained teachers, corporate employees, groups & individuals over the years from across the globe, online & offline. 
  • She counsels and guides individuals on 121 basis.
  • She trains all age groups for life skills- NLP, Theatre, Mindfulness (meditation, breathwork, journaling, understanding emotions), Creative Writing and blogging (English Language Proficiency, all 4 aspects of language learning)
  • Through theatre, she trains improv, mime, scripting, skits, plays, plotting and direction, characterisation, monologues, mono acts and various such theatrics to imbibe life skills in artistic and interesting way.
  • Her students have received the exposure of street plays, performing in fleas and of course in auditoriums & lot of acknowledgement and felicitation in various aspects of their careers and life.
  • She has provided services as a Visiting faculty for Technical English Communication at LJ Institute of Engineering and Management.
  • She has trained 50 plus teachers at A-One (Satellite) to facilitate the children in best possible way

academically and non-academically.

  • One of her current projects is virtually training children for theatre at SIS Prep Ahmedabad.
  • She has undertaken two corporate projects as a trainer, to train for soft skills and mindfulness.
  • She has been working for over 11 years with several institutions and clientele to enhance their

emotional & mental well being, to instil impactful soft skills along with efficient Communication skills based on Aristotle’s pillars of persuasive appeals.

  • She has been a constant parent counsellor since the beginning of her career in education field. 
  • She trains children, teenagers and youth for mindfulness, blogging, creative writing, along with regular individual counselling to help maintain high EQ.

Her unique programs & Workshops- Mindset Management, Mindfulness for teenagers and adults, Quiz on EQ, Book Club, Sufi Swirling,  have made a mark on 100s of individuals. 

She has many more interesting & unique workshops in the loop. 

  • She’s learned theatre from ‘Helen O Grady’ and enjoys enriching career as a theatre trainer, she has trained more than 300 children and teenagers and adults for theatre, along with counselling.
  • Some of the techniques that she incorporates in her workshops & training are Conscious and sub- conscious journaling, illustrative Art Meditation, Affirmations and Visualisations, Introspective Writing, Dream journal, Visualisation & Manifestation, miming and other theatrics.

Being part of her transformative session, one will be empowered to clearly introspect, learn the importance of constant healing, imbibe balanced confidence, learn the art of writing as a meditative tool for wellness and self care, guide oneself towards meditation as a life skill and spiritual growth, create mind maps, make sagacious and conscious choices and decisions to reach one’s highest potential.

Being a voracious reader, she love writing blogs, brevity and scripts for plays and drama. Her brevity writes can be read on Instagram @Prachi.renenet and blogs on

Her work can be viewed on @renenetofficial on Instagram and renenet.prachi on facebook. Love and Light!