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When someone feels low , lost , is in pain , happiness ambassadors brings happiness in their lives .

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Ambassadors are the leaders of the initiative . They endorse the work that the initiative is doing by lending their image & equity. They support to raise donations though sometimes endorsements also result in increased fund raising. They use their power with the media to raise awareness of campaigns that the campaign runs.


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To spread the word about happiness , IM Happiness conducts various science backed campaigns across globe tieing up with experts . In this the ambassadors would be part of the events globally . This would involve social media , campaigns , gigs and more .


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To create awareness , we would be creating education programs through research . The education ambassador would curate the content , research , collbarate for creating programs for various age groups and segments of population .


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The happiness consultant would be in the process of consulting people who needs to be positive in life . They would develop therapies , activities , happy projects to work with NGOs , companies , colleges , relationships , parents , children and more and give them happy boost .


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The club ambassador would develop the club through experience , programs and outreach programs and reach out to people across globe .

Global Collaboration

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IM Happiness believes in collaboration with global experts to increase happiness . The Global Collaboration ambassadors would form a channel partnering with experts from different parts of the world .


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