Hello Happiness campaign is an initiative by IM Happiness. It is supported by the Department of Science & Technology and in association with Karma Foundation , VIPO , Good things cometogether & Elixir Foundation .

The Campaign will engage in giving surprise calls to Covid positive patients and change makers, either directly or on requests sent by the friends or relatives of the infected people. Few of the targeted experts include RJ Devaki (Red FM), Chitrak Shah (MD, Shivalik Group), Vivek Bhargava (iProspect India's MD / Investor / Author), Ash King (Singer), Ishani Dave (Artist), Ojas Raval (Singer), Aarohi Patel (Gujarati celebrity), Yash Soni (Gujarati actor), Aahana Mulla (Poet/Author) & many more.



The Pandemic is having had a great impact on everyone’s lives. And an even bigger impact on those who have been affected by it or are working on the frontlines. That, combined with the current scenario of curfews/lockdown and the uncertainity surrounding people’s lives is creating problems of anxiety, depression, social & mental isolation, chronic loneliness and boredom amongst the ones affected. In a country where already 20% of the population is suffering from mental illnesses, the mental health issues due to pandemic are leading to adverse health consequences, including depression, impaired executive function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor cardiovascular function, and impaired immunity at every stage of life, eventually leading to higher risk of contracting covid.

Amidst all this, we decided to do our bit to tackle the problems of Loneliness, boredom and mental isolation in case of the Covid- positive patients and the frontline workers and came up with a unique proposition. At times when a person is mentally and physically exhausted, what can be better than a surprise call from a celebrity or a mentor?



Given the impact that you have created in the society, we would love to listen to your stories or are currently doing to help the physical and mental well-being of the ones around you.


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Aishwarya Jain

Aishwarya Jain

Founder IM Happiness

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Aishwarya Jain Founder of IM Happiness , a young entrepreneur on a mission to create positive impact.

Founder IM Happiness , Director ART Group.

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Aakash Makwana

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spreading happiness with my words and someone told me a pure soul for my words is the best thing for me

An intense poet with the sharping words.

Working as senior Graphic designer also in event management field so manange events in all over gujarat, spoken word artist , poet , writer and strongly believer in humanity.

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Hiral Thakkar

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Let the sip of black coffee & Music do their magic !

Artiste Manager & Event Planner by Profession & Passion , A Lecturer by hobby, A human being to bring smiles on the pretty faces.

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Dhruvin Mali

Dhruvin Mali

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Garima Jain

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Simply spending beautiful & quality time with my loved ones.

"1. A 90s baby catapulted into this world, carrying lots of zest & urging with kindness a bunch of harmonies to spread positivity, love, peace and happiness.
2. I love my work & never truly feel like, “now I’ve made it, this is the time when I can stop”, I think it’ll take a very long time for me to reach this satisfaction, as I consider my work to be meditation & without it, there wouldn’t be peace in my life. "